Resistwares at two great venues in November!

Resistwares will be at The Eastworks Open Studios in Easthampton on Nov. 4 & 5 and The Arts and Industries Open Studio up on the 4th floor at 221 Pine st in Florence, MA on Nov 11 and 12 from 10-5 in her regular hallway space and alcove.

Revolts me!

Just look for the resistwares signs. You can easily outfit yourself for the resistance with handmade silkscreened aprons and buttons.

We will also have irresistible ‘RESIST’ and other napkins ready for Thanksgiving.

All materials are rescued before they are landfilled so you are also helping clean up the planet as well as the political landscape. Proceeds after supplies are donated to The ACLU, Planned parenthood, The NAACP, Black lives matter
and progressive causes that desperately could use some funds.

We invite you to join us by buying resistwares and also selling them for us.


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